Because everything just happens to work out perfectly pretty much all the time in Barcelona these days, Gerard Pique's girlfriend Shakira just so happened to be performing in town the day after they returned from their Champions League final win over Manchester United. Fresh off their open-top bus parade earlier in the day, Pique and several of his teammates continued their celebration by attending the concert.

During the show, Shakira called them all up on stage one by one to the shrieking delight of the crowd and once everyone got their hugs from the Colombian pop star and former Real Madrid fan, a public dance lesson commenced. Shakira demonstrated her signature hip-shaking moves for the six footballers and told them to follow her lead. Out of the freshly crowned European champions, Sergio Busquets probably did the best job of mimicking her, while Xavi thrusted like a stripper and Bojan automatically failed for wearing jean shorts (seriously, Bojan?! Jorts?!).

Pique then felt up his girlfriend while a stadium full of people watched (again) and the footballers returned to their place in the front row. At which point Busquets fell down clutching his face.

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