When it comes to announcing his presence at clothing stores, a gigantic poster is no longer enough for Davey Becks. These days, he doesn't get out of bed for anything less than a set of huge shiny Beckham effigies, dressed only in affordable high street underwear.

The LA Galaxy star's expectations were surpassed last night at the H&M store on London's Regent Street, when he unveiled his new 'bodywear' line (aren't all clothes technically 'bodywear'?). Just look at how happy he is to be flanked by his chromed doubles that satisfied grin is pretty much the exact opposite of the facial expression Harry Redknapp has been wearing lately.

The store window display looked like a hunky dystopian future and at the launch after-party, guests were greeted by a gigantic imposing version, complete with dramatically-lit crotch...

If you prefer your fix of undressed Beckham to be a little less "Silver Surfer with a quiff and tight underwear", take a look at the commercial that will air during this Sunday's Super Bowl...

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