Luis Suarez returned to a hero's welcome at Anfield after serving a 10-match ban for racially abusing Patrice Evra. And four minutes after he entered the match as a substitute, Suarez proved he is not racist by kicking Spurs' Scott Parker square in the belly during the scoreless draw.

Thinking a high ball in Spurs' box would drop for him to volley in the winner, Suarez swung a high boot for it. The problem, however, was that Scott Parker was standing right under the ball and just after he headed it clear, he caught Suarez's boot in his stomach.

Suarez was immediately apologetic, but he was still cautioned by the referee. Scott Parker, meanwhile, just keeps getting kicked. A couple weeks ago, Mario Balotelli was given a four-match ban for stepping on Parker's head. Whether Suarez will be punished further for catching him in the gut remains to be seen, but it might be time for Parker to borrow some protective gear from Petr Cech's house.

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